Bill Clinton

March 18, 2008

My 1st video from internet!! :p
a few years ago..

and stills funny 😀

Trampoline Stunts

March 17, 2008

Relax and enjoy it 😉

Untitled Griffin Family History – Family Guy

March 16, 2008

Family guy rules!! 😀
and this episode, proves it 😉

Season.04 Episode.27

watch the full episode here

Super Slow Motion Compilation

March 15, 2008

Life in slow motion, a super compilation 😉

Hundreds of Slow-Motion Water Balloons

March 14, 2008

Life is so much more beautiful, in slow motion 😀

Ten thousand pictures of you

March 13, 2008

awesome 😀

Pirate Bay to Hollywood: Open your Own Torrent Site

March 12, 2008

Hollywood put up their own trakcer lolol

Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij from The Pirate Bay recently did a video interview which resulted in some great quotes. One such quote comes from Fredrik, he suggests that the movie and music industry should set up their own torrent site, and monetize it through advertisements. “We would be out of business.” he added.

see the videos: here

Transformers Bumblebee beats Optimus Prime

March 11, 2008

ahah :p

Pimp Gets Owned in Street

March 10, 2008

Pimp gets knocked out by Karate Master in the neck…

A Day at the Beach, in South Korea

March 9, 2008

beach-10.jpg beach-5.jpg

They say, during the summer time, and especially on weekends, the area becomes a vertiable wall of humanity with more than 100,000 people packed in on a narrow, one mile strip of sand!