The Seven Sutherland Sisters With World’s Longest Hair

February 29, 2008


The Seven Sutherland Sisters of Lockport, New York, were world-famous for their incredible hair, which reportedly had a collective length of 37 feet.

The Sutherland children were all musically inclined and often performed around New York State as the “Sutherland Concert of Seven Sisters and One Brother.” In 1881, they performed at the Atlanta Exposition in Georgia. They traveled with “W.W. Coles Colossal Shows” in 1882 and joined “Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth” by 1884.

The Daily Journal, Lockport, late 1880s
“Miss Sarah N. Sutherland – Known as a fine solo singer, and celebrated for her Scotch and English songs and has long massive hair.

“Miss Victoria Sutherland – Has a mezzo-soprano voice, and has the longest hair on record, being seven feet, or eighty four inches in length.

“Miss Isabella C. Sutherland – Has a high soprano voice, of great flexibility and power, and has hair six feet in length, of great fineness.

“Miss Grace Sutherland – Sings tenor, and has a sweet melodious voice, and is an excellent Piano accompanist, and has hair between five and six feet in length.

“Miss Naomi Sutherland – The world renowned female Bass Singer, has the most massive hair ever worn by any human being on earth, and which envelopes her whole body as with a garment.

“Miss Dora Sutherland – One of the younger sisters, has an alto voice, and has abundant hair about five feet long.

“Miss Mary Sutherland – Has a soprano voice, and is the youngest of the Seven Sisters, and for her age, has the most wonderful growth of hair, and it is rapidly growing to be the longest and most massive hair in the world.”